Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brinner, it's what grown ups do!

Tonight's dinner plans consisted of us heading over to Denny's for brinner. I ordered the Lumberjack Slam and sadly, Future Hubs decided to screw brinner altogether and order a burger. But it did have eggs on it so I guess that's kinda brinner-y. 

This group of young kids and what appeared to be a set of parents sat down next to us and I swear I overheard some seriously inappropriate talk going on over there. But hey, whatever. I was there for the brinner, it was late and I was hungry. So for once, I didn't say anything. Usually, I mutter under my breath, even that didn't happen. Maybe I'm finally growing up. 

Doubtful. But then again, it was bound to happen someday.

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