Monday, August 20, 2012

Words, Words, Words...

I've become recently re-obsessed (is that even a word) with words. I've been playing two games, Fightin' Words and Words with Friends that are really bringing this out of me. I want to have a regular game night that includes Scrabble, however, no one ever wants to play with me because they assume I'm a great speller (being a former journalist, Journalism-degree holding, wordsmith) and of course, they are right. But that doesn't mean I would win. Does it?

No, it doesn't. Actually, I lose on both of these games. A LOT. It's sad because I pride myself on my spelling (it's one of my best qualities). Hell, if I wasn't already engaged to be married, I would totally include it in my next personal ad. But I digress.

I'm off to play another round of games. Or not. It's quite a quandary. Yep, I'm the Queen of the 10 cent Words.

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