Sunday, August 26, 2012

A nightmare...

Had a crazy dream last night that our wedding was a complete disaster. It started with me walking around the venue in my wedding dress, frantically searching for my fiance and then my bridesmaids. While searching, I was asked to start walking down the aisle, however, there were 16 other brides walking at the same time. Apparently, our venue was seriously over-booked. I didn't recognize a single guest in the crowd. This made me crazy nervous to the point where I refused to walk.

I went to the theater next door (where in reality we are having our reception) only to find it has been converted into a basketball court where all of the groomsmen are now playing a pick-up game. Fiance still nowhere to be found. Oh and all the bridesmaids are MIA as well.

Woke up freaking out that I had forgotten to hire an officiant, lost my groom, my bridesmaids and my mind all in one day.

Thank goodness, I have over a year to plan this thing and hopefully none of those scary bits will come true.

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